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Flore Neighbourhood Plan


Neighbourhood plans are a brand new tool given to local communities by the Localism Act 2009 to set for themselves a future development of the parish to meets the aims and expectations of those who live and work here. It’s important because it is your plan setting out your hopes and aspirations for the future of Flore within the national and district planning framework.

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Flore Neighbourhood Development Plan – Referendum Version

On the 29th September 2016 parishioners were able to take part in a referendum on the Flore Plan.  The arrangements for the referendum were the responsibility of Daventry District Council. The results were as follows..click below

Referendum results - Thursday 29th September 2016


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Flore Neighbourhood Plan (Ver 6 - 24th April 2015) (.pdf)(7992kb)
Flore Neighbourhood Plan Summary Draft (.pdf)(8682kb)
Flore Draft Neighbourhood Plan - Representation Form (.pdf)(39kb)

Neighbourhood Plan, Submission to Local Planning Authority


Following the meeting of the Council on the 21st  September, the Parish Council formally submitted the Flore Neighbourhood Plan to Daventry District Council on the 22nd September.  This document, together with all of the supporting documents that we are required to provide, can be read or downloaded on the links below.  Daventry will be undertaking a further round of consultation and as soon as we have details of when this commences we will let you know.  Alternatively keep an eye on our web site where we will update the progress of the Plan.

The Steering Group will now be meeting on an infrequent basis as the Plan moves through the statutory process which means that the regular monthly Messenger insert will now cease.  Updates will be provided by the Group but they will now be included on the Parish Council pages of The Messenger as well as this web site.

Documents Available:

Flore Consultation Day 7th February, 2015

Flore plan display 1Flore Plan Display

Flore PlanFlore Plan

Why do we need a neighbourhood plan?

How many of us moan about decisions taken by others that
directly impact on the way that we live, work and socialise?
The answer is probably all of us. Well now we have an chance to do something about it by taking the opportunity to
shape the future of the village through the development of a
‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for the Parish. The Parish Council has undertaken the formal steps required to enable us to start the process. This is required by law and we hope to have the approval of Daventry District Council to our proposal by
June, so that we can formally begin the process and start to get everyone involved.

A volunteer steering group of villagers with both a passion
for Flore and a full range of skills has been set up by the
Parish Council to help us in the development of our plan. The group comprises Tom Higginson (Chair), Heather and Andy Anderson, John Miller, Nigel Strang and Cllrs Sue Kerrison, and Geoff Fellows The exciting part is where we all talk about and share our visions, hopes and aspirations for the village.

Flore Plan launch day - Saturday 14th June at the Millennium Hall.

Plan Launch pic1Plan Launch pic2

Plan launch pic3Plan launch pic4

Responses to Questionnaire
Question 5 Question Five Graph
Question 8  
Question 9  
Question 11  
Question 12 & 13  
Question 14 Graph  
Question 17  
Question 34  
Question 35  
Question 36  
Question 38  



Document Downloads:

Vision, Objectives & Policies

Hillside Consultation Evening Minutes

Full neighbourhood plan group meeting minutes;

February Newsletter Update
Wednesday, 17th August Minutes
Wednesday, 29th June Minutes
Wednesday, 13th April Minutes
Wednesday, 13th March Minutes
Wednesday, 9th March Minutes
Wednesday, 9th February Minutes
Wednesday, 5th January Minutes
Wednesday 24th November Minutes
Wednesday, 10th November Minutes
Wednesday, 29th October Minutes
Wednesday, 13th October Minutes
Wednesday, 8th September Minutes
Wednesday, 2nd September Minutes
Wednesday, 11th August Minutes
Wednesday, 7th July Minutes
Wednesday, 27th May Minutes
Wednesday, 14th May Minutes
Wednesday, 9th April Minutes
Wednesday, 11th March Minutes
Wednesday,22nd January Minutes

Other documents also available for downloading (PDF);

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter 1
Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (May 2014)
Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (June 2014)
Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (July 2014)Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (Sept 2014)
Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (Oct 2014) Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (Dec 2014)
Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (Jan 2015)
Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter (Feb 2015)

Note: you will need the latest version of adobe acrobat to read the documents, click here to download the program if you can't access the documents.

Contact the committee:

Tom Higginson
Email: tom.higginson@me.com
Tel: 01327 349434 / Mob: 07973 848669

Andy & Heather Anderson
Email: heatherkeithanderson@gmail.com
Tel: 01327 341377
Mob: (H) 07712 290776 / (A) 07976 827078

Geoff Fellows
Email: geoff@gfellows.demon.co.uk
Tel: 013247 340248 / Mob: 07843 309902

Sue Kerrison
Email: suekayy@live.co.uk
Tel: 01327 341677 (evenings)

John Miller
Email: johnsallymiller@hotmail.com
Tel: 01327 341640 / Mob: 07515 996932

Nigel Strang
Email: nigelstrang@btinternet.com



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