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Flore's parish Messenger is distributed on a monthly basis by Len Gully, it contains lots of local information, news & events and coucil meeting news. It is a great service to local residents of Flore and those interested in the village.

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Benefice Newsletter July 2017 (PDF)

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Flore Village
- Resident Swan



Except from this month's Messenger:

"Dear Friends.
John Bercow, the recently re-elected Speaker of the House of Commons, tells us that these are ‘testing times’, following the terror attacks in Manchester and London, the unexpected General Election result, and more recently, the tragic fire in a block of flats in West London.
These events have generated very different views of our modern society. Nick Clegg, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, spoke of a “deeply divided and polarised nation” with subsequent analysis highlighting divisions not on grounds of class, but on grounds of age, education and commitment to the union.
By contrast, the response to the terror attacks was for communities to pull together in solidarity, defiance and mutual support, whilst people of all ages and backgrounds, people of all faiths and none, have come together to help and support those bereaved, injured, traumatised and made homeless by the Grenfell Tower fire. Perhaps the challenge for us as a wider society is to find ways to pull together in community in everyday life, not just in our response to attacks and disasters."

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