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Flore/Cregy Twinning Association

This year marked the 31st year of the Flore/Cregy Twinning Association when the French side of the Association came to Flore in May for the weekend. Next year Cregy will host the weekend for Flore families which will be held in June 2016.

Many families have forged good relationships over the years and keep in contact with each other and even visit each other outside the official twinning weekends. It is a great way to find out about each other's lifestyles and practice another language, although it is not necessary to be fluent, however a little French helps.  Families are matched by their interests and generally we try to place families with similar demographics together.

There are a lot of families who have been involved with the Twinning since it started but we are always looking for new families in order for it to continue and bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the association. The weekends are planned when the children are not at school  during the late Spring Holiday, as we are mindful of the problems in taking children out of school now. The trip to Cregy usually departs from Flore early on Thursday morning and returns Sunday evening. Until now we have  travelled by coach and then use the Euro tunnel for the onward journey to Cregy, although that may be changed should the difficulties in Calais persist.

We have a couple of stops en route which gives the opportunity to visit a different French town or attraction. On arrival we are met by our French families who entertain and feed us on the first evening. Although the first time is a bit strange all the families work hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and we are usually treated to some wonderful French cuisine.

The Friday is usually spent in Paris when there is an opportunity to catch up with each other and exchange stories and experiences. It is always interesting to visit Paris and families can choose to visit museums, art galleries or just while away the time in a café or restaurant. There is an opportunity to visit Euro Disney as Cregy is situated fairly close by, and this can be organised with our French hosts. This day out is only for the English families as a lot of French families will be working during the day. In the evening there is usually a meal and a dance which is always great fun with everybody taking part. Saturdays are always spent with our hosts and they usually plan an outing or visit to somewhere interesting.

Saturday night is an opportunity to get together with other hosts and families to enjoy good food, wine and great company. Sunday morning is always fun as we all meet to join the bus for farewells" French Style" exchanging hugs and promises to see each other the following year, not forgetting the photo opportunities! It is always a very busy weekend but so much fun to participate and leaves us keen to do it all again the following year when we reciprocate and host the French families.

The details of the 2016 trip to Cregy will be advertised in The Messenger towards the end of the year, and past members will be contacted via e mail.






If anyone is interested in participating,( we are particularly keen to welcome new families) or wishes more information they can e mail

Chris Pinchen (secretary) at Christine.pinchen@btinternet.com or phone on 01327 342535/07860 505428,


Kathleen Stewart (acting chair) at ardnave1@hotmail.co.uk or phone on 01327 342130.



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