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Welcome to Flore

Flore GatewayThis is our local parish website for the council and community, feel free to look around to find information on local events, groups and the latest goings on in Flore.

You can access the local messenger newsletter via this website or download a copy, the latest council minutes are also available to view if

you want to know what is going on in the village. You can access council services and local information.

Get in touch with us if you have any ideas to develop the site or feel free to browse around and find out more about our village.


Street Doctor Banner

Northamptonshire County Council have launched a campaign to inform people that they can access many of our services online.  The first of which is the Street Doctor service where all highways problems can be reported online in just five easy steps and receive regular updates.

<click on this link to do so>


All Members of Flore Parish Council adhere to a Code of Conduct. Councillor’s declarations are available to view by clicking Councillor Register of Interests Forms. Daventry District Council has an Appeals and Standards Committee to oversee the conduct of District and Parish Councillors.

The functions of the Committee are to:
• Provide the Council with advice on adopting a Local Code of Conduct.
• Help Members to follow the Code.
• Provide or make provision for Member training on the Code.
• Monitor the effectiveness of the Code.
• Promote and maintain high standards of conduct for Members.
• Deal with local determinations.

The Appeals and Standards Committee comprises of both elected District and Parish Councillors,together with co-opted independent Members. The co-opted Members are all residents of the District
having no other connection with the Council. If you wish to make a complaint, please read the relevant information provided by clicking The Arrangements for Dealing with Breaches of the Code. Once read there is a standard Complaint Form which needs to be completed. This can be sent electronically to the Monitoring Officer
MonitoringOfficer@daventrydc.gov.uk or by post to the following address:
Monitoring Officer
Daventry District Council
Lodge Road
NN11 4FP

Complaints will only be considered if they are about the behaviour of a Member. Complaints about things that are not covered by the Members’ Code of Conduct will not be considered. If you make a
complaint it must be about why you think a member has not followed the Code of Conduct.


Flore Village winner 2014

Superfast Northamptonshire News

The County Council is pleased to announce that Superfast Broadband is here!

Fibre broadband is now available in the village of Flore.  Ask your internet service provider about how to upgrade to a superfast broadband service or go to www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/buy-it-now to find out more about what is available to you.  For more information about the project log on to www.superfastnorthamptonshire.net or follow us on Twitter @SFastNorthants

Flore Walks

Flore now has some nominated local walks to do around our village to see them and enjoy going for a walk one day see here;

Walk 1 (The Lakes & Grand Union Canal)
Walk 2 (Glassthorpe Hill)
Walk 3 (Flore Hill & Grand Union Canal)
Walk 4 (Flore Fields)
Walk 5 (Nether Heyford)

UK FlagThe Commonwealth Flag Project

The project has two aims, firstly, to fly the flags of the Commonwealth and overseas territories on their respective national days and on other celebratory occasions.

Secondly, to raise money annually to be donated to any Commonwealth country or overseas territories that require assistance in the wake of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, Tsunami, or other similar traumas and to help those affected directly through the NGO’s on the ground.

Feel free to view the website and see how you could help or support our local charity.


Latest News:

Referedum results for Thursday 29th September click here...

To view the full arts programme please click here...


Brington History Society is currently researching the men on the parish war memorial for an exhibition to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme 1 July 1916. We would be very grateful if any family descendants of the following could contact us so our researchers can follow-up the all-important personal details:

George E Anderson, Robert Anderson,William T Anderson, Bertie F Andrew, George Callow, Wilfrid J Callow, Thomas Chandler, Joseph Durham, Walter George, George S R Harmsworth, Herbert J Hawgood, Albert Hawtin, Arthur Haynes, Norman C Holtby, Richard E Kimbell, Francis G Manning, Frank Manning, Lewis W Manning, John Marriott, Herbert G L Martin, John N Morley, Harry Oliver, Charles W Redley, William E Redley, Charles Richardson, Ernest J Stowe, Horace A Tarpley, Albert Treadgold.

We would also be very grateful for any information relating to the Bringtons and Nobottle in the First World War, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

Please contact Ian Dexter, the Secretary, on 01604 771353 ianrjdexter@aol.com

Flore Plan has its own designated section in the website to find out more about this exciting new group click here launch date to follow...The official documents regarding this plan can be found here on this link: https://www.daventrydc.gov.uk/living/planning-policy/neighbourhood-planning/flore/




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